Together Housing’s Specialist Services Manager was invited to represent the company at the House of Commons this Gas Safety Week.  

Andy Neville, who manages certain areas of our gas teams, journeyed down to London to attend the Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons. There, he took part in listening to a variety of useful talks regarding the Gas Safety Week initiative held on behalf of the Gas Safe Register. 

For the 13th year of Gas Safety week, the theme is ‘diversity’ with a host of speakers sharing their stories. Additional talks were given from Gas Safe Register and Gas Safe Charity.  

Gas engineers from different backgrounds shared their stories on the day, discussing their personal journeys, their involvement within the gas industry, but also the wealth of experience and variety of work they undertake to keep the nation Gas Safe. 

Andy said: “I was lucky and privileged to be able to attend the Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons. In support of Gas Safety Week, this event was held on behalf of Gas Safe Register by Barry Sheerman MP to further raise awareness around gas and carbon monoxide safety. 


“It was really encouraging to see representatives from so many parts of the Gas Safe Community in attendance. I was proud to represent the sector as the House of Commons on such an important week.  


“Gas safety is paramount and at Together Housing, we have a legal duty and responsibility to ensure gas heating appliances and gas pipework installed within our housing stock are maintained and are deemed safe & fit for purpose to use safely. 


“THG Gas Team` play a really important part in keeping our residents safe in their homes. We are proud that 100% of our properties currently are up to date with their gas safety checks and we’re doing everything we can to keep it that way. The team work incredibly hard to ensure gas safety checks are completed for everyone’s safety and well-being, working as `one team together’.”