Chloe Sharpe talks about her career journey so far from Apprentice to Talent Business Advisor.

“It’s National Apprenticeship Week and I wanted to take this chance to share my career journey with Together Housing after starting out as an apprentice myself.

Back in the Spring of 2017, I started with Together Housing as a HR Apprentice. I still remember how nervous I was walking into the building on my first day. I had come from a background in catering and customer services so had no idea of what to expect for my first office job. It’s safe to say I absolutely loved it! The role was challenging at times, since it was something completely different to what I used to do, however my manager and the training team supported me every step of the way to help me achieve my qualification.

Almost a year later I completed my apprenticeship and obtained my Level 2 qualification in Business Administration. Around the same time that my apprenticeship was coming to an end, a new recruitment team was forming. During my time as an apprentice, I had assisted with recruitment and developed a passion for it, therefore I jumped at the opportunity to apply for the new role of Recruitment Administrator. The experience I had gained as an apprentice gave me the tools to apply and interview for the role. I was delighted to be offered the job.

Over the next four years I spent my time as Recruitment Administrator learning more about the recruitment industry, expanding my skill set and knowledge, and assisting the Talent Business Advisor.

After just five years working for Together Housing, I was presented with the opportunity to step up to the Talent Business Advisor role on a temporary basis. My manager, the current Talent Business Advisor, was going on paternity leave for six months. This was an amazing experience, and I was very grateful for the opportunity. Over the six months, I led the recruitment service and received great feedback from the managers that I had worked with. It really showed me a different side to the service and ignited my passion for wanting to develop myself even further.

After I returned to my substantive post as Recruitment Administrator, I realised how much I had enjoyed the additional responsibilities and new challenges the Talent Business Advisor role had given me. It wasn’t that long until the opportunity to move into this role presented itself, as five months later the role became available on a permanent basis. I jumped at the opportunity and again successfully interviewed for the role. I’ve now been in the post for just over two months and I’m loving it! I can’t wait to see what challenges the future will bring.

I’ve come a long way from the young apprentice who walked through those office doors just over five years ago, and I’m thankful for everyone in Together who has assisted me with my career journey so far. This goes from the excellent support I had as a HR Apprentice learning the ropes, to the former Talent Business Advisor who helped me develop my abilities as a manager and now my current manager who is supporting me in my new role – I couldn’t ask for a better team! If you are considering starting your career as an apprentice, I can’t recommend it enough.”

Together Housing has a host of apprenticeship opportunities, you can find out more here.