Apprenticeships are a way of opening doors to possibilities and alternative routes into careers that otherwise might not be visible.

Maisie Roberts found the Together Housing Group apprenticeship scheme an opportunity that changed the course of her life.

During a Year 10 assembly whilst at high school Maisie learnt about the Together Housing apprenticeship programme. Through this and the school’s Careers Advice Service she decided to apply for a Learning and Development apprenticeship at Together Housing Group. This apprenticeship has made it possible for her to apply and become a full-time employee of the Group within the Business Support Team.

Maisie benefits from the knowledge that she can explore a career path whilst at Together Housing that suits her. Maisie said, “I wouldn’t have considered Together Housing as a place to work if it wasn’t for their visit to my school. The Apprenticeship has been a great opportunity, not only did it introduce me to a career within housing, but it also gave me the opportunity learn about all the different areas the group operate in and explore different career paths.”

She continued, “It’s an excellent place to work and I benefit from continuous opportunities to improve my career prospects. Currently I’m undertaking a CIH qualification in Housing and through this course and the company I can learn more about the housing sector overall whilst continuing to find ways in which I can positively contribute to the company.”

Through her apprenticeship and as part of her final project Maise identified that the tools to teach the course could be moved online, benefitting the students, teachers and organisation as a whole. This simple change made it possible to access course and apprenticeship related documents remotely, a huge benefit especially during the pandemic.

Despite starting out in a HR role, Maisie learnt through the course of her 16-month apprenticeship that she would prefer to work in business administration, so when an opportunity opened within the repairs team she applied and secured the position whilst also continuing to be an apprentice.

Starting in 2019 she completed her apprenticeship in February 2021- Maisie is now an Apprentice Ambassador. She advocates for apprenticeships having gone back to her former high school twice now to relay the benefits of the opportunities she has benefitted from and how it continues to benefit her. She regularly speaks to people encouraging them to explore apprenticeship opportunities either at Together Housing or elsewhere.

Nigel Jones, Group Director of Operations said, “I’m pleased Maisie has got so much out of her apprenticeship and time with us, it shows by her becoming an apprentice ambassador. It’s very important for us at Together Housing to encourage people, especially our residents, tenants and their families, to apply for opportunities within the group and explore alternative routes into meaningful employment.”

You can find out more about our apprenticeship opportunities here