February 8th to 14th 2021 is National Apprenticeship week. This week aims to shine a light on the benefits of apprenticeships when starting a career. 

This year’s theme is “Build the Future” so we spoke to recent apprentice graduate Maisie Roberts about how her apprenticeship benefitted her career. Just last year Maisie revisited her old high school to speak to students about the benefits of apprenticeships, now with the skills from her apprenticeship she is a Repairs Administrator in our Asset Management Team

Maisie joined us as an Organisation Development Apprentice and enjoyed the experience, “I loved being able to learn hands on, as well as still be in college. I think it was a really good way for me to further my skills whilst getting a qualification.”

Once her apprenticeship was completed, Maisie found it opened a lot of doors for her to progress her career, “I am now a Repairs Administrator in Customer and Business Support. Everyday I am still learning with the encouragement and support of the team. I am really enjoying my new role and it feels really rewarding to have the opportunity to develop within the company.”

With the skills developed during her apprenticeship Maisie felt confident enough to go for the role, “All the skills I have learned from doing an apprenticeship, as well as college and work experience, have been be carried over into my new role. I think my apprenticeship was very important in getting to where I am now. I definitely helped me learn many new skills and, most importantly, build my confidence.”

Even after completing her apprenticeship and moving into a new role Maisie is still a strong advocate for apprenticeships, “I would definitely suggest getting an apprenticeship. They open so many doors for you and give you the skills and experience you need to grow.”

If you would like to find out more about National Apprenticeship week, you can do so by clicking here and you can browse current apprenticeships nationwide here. 

You can also keep an eye out for future apprenticeships opportunities at Together Housing here: https://togetherhousing.current-vacancies.com/v?id=TOGETHERHO&t=Careers