The past couple of weeks have highlighted to all of us just how long a journey we have still to travel to reach true racial equality. At Together Housing, we recognise that huge change is required at all levels of society.

Strong leadership is required to ensure that change makes a difference. We all have a part to play to create a society for future generations, where diversity is not only respected but celebrated.

Together Housing supports greater resident diversity and activity promotes diversity in our partnerships, our people and in our governance. We have appointed dedicated staff and Board Members to champion and embed diversity across Together Housing and in our communities.

I am proud that we have made the first steps on this long journey to social justice and know that we can only succeed by listening and learning from our fellow citizens who, all too often, have felt disenfranchised and ignored.

Together Housing is committed to racial equality, as highlighted by our Diversity Pledge of 2018 and subsequent action plans, which we openly publish. We will tackle religious and racial discrimination where we see and hear it.

Change is needed and Together Housing will be part of that change.

Michelle Park, Board Member lead on Diversity, Together Housing Group