Covid-19 Update from Together Housing Group

Like everyone, Together Housing Group is needing to make quick and tough decisions about the impact of Covid-19 on its residents and customers, staff and other stakeholders.

Our leadership team have set up a crisis group which is meeting daily to consider the issues and plan for the future.

Business & Staff

We continue to run our services as usual.

Our People (HR) department are working with staff to accommodate most needs and allow for home working wherever possible. Our staff are advised to check with any customer prior to visiting them and not to visit unless it is an emergency. In an emergency situation staff would be provided with protective equipment to carry out their tasks.

Our Working Group continues to monitor staff attendance levels (which are currently within acceptable tolerances) and ensure that any issues with our supply chain are identified and mitigated against at the earliest opportunity. Currently there are no indications of any serious shortfalls.

Residents and Customers

We have tried to ensure that our customers see a minimal change to our services.

We are carrying out normal services, unless they are self-isolating, and continuing to take communications in the usual way. We are investigating ways of meeting tenants remotely if needed in the future.

We are keeping them informed via an evolving blog at .

Future Plans

This is a fast moving situation that changes rapidly. We are currently considering the impact of a full lockdown on our frontline services, the impact on tenants and the organisation of rent arrears arising from them being unable to attend work and how staff will be supported to continue working in the event of more stringent lockdowns.

If you need to know more, please email or see our front facing information page at