Our findings

We currently have no data returned from the project itself; it will be found in this section when it becomes available. No individual will be identifiable in any of the information provided in this section.

Whilst we have no data from the project at this stage we do have some projections based on one of our models. Assumptions and data sources are provided.

  • An average solar install size of 3kW peak is assumed.
  • PVGIS solar data is used.
  • 2017 UK government CO2 figures are used.
  • A 2017 rate of 0.35156 kg CO2e/kWh gives us 211,200 kg CO2e saved across the entire project; this is 844.8 kg CO2e on an annual per house basis.
  • Our figure for estimated annual generation (EAG) is 801 kWh/kWp installed, so total generation will be 2403 kWh on an annual per house basis.
  • Of this figure 80% is assumed to be used by the customer which is 1922.4 kWh straight to the tenant, again on an annual, per house basis.
  • At the Utilita rate of £0.14692/kWh this is equivalent to £282.44 in energy savings, again on an average, annual, per house basis. Other estimates from our models show £299.74.
  • DECC (2014) gives the average annual domestic electricity consumption as 4000 kWh so this would be a 60% reduction in CO2 if applied to the average UK home.

If you want to learn more about this project’s findings please contact our Renewable Energy Project Officer, Robin Jones, during working hours by email or phone:

Email:    robin.jones@togetherhousing.co.uk
Mobile:  07736923813

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