Investor update – 28 January 2019 | Investor News


Investor update – 28 January 2019

Together Housing Association own three high rise blocks in Mixenden, Halifax that had Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) cladding on one elevation.

Tenant safety has always been our top priority and, where we have identified risks, we have taken urgent action to mitigate or remove them.  We have removed ACM cladding from all three of the high rise blocks in Halifax that featured the cladding. This was replaced by a traditional insulation render system. Work to replace the cladding and insulation was completed in July 2018 and costs are being recovered from the Government as part of the national funding package to remove unsafe cladding from buildings.

Together Housing Association also reviewed the evacuation needs of over 2,000 tenants in our high rise properties and updated fire risk assessments for all of our high rise properties. We employed a specialist Fire Safety consultant to work with us on a long term plan to ensure fire safety across all of our 21 high rise blocks. We have been as proactive as possible and worked closely with our residents to ensure they have been kept fully up to date.