For our tenants

  • 250 Together Housing homes will be fitted with a solar PV and battery storage system.
  • This is a pilot project to see how well the systems work; it is intended to cut energy bills, reduce fuel poverty and cut down on carbon emissions.
  • More widely this pilot program is intended to create an investment model for future solar PV and battery storage systems across Together Housing homes, the social housing sector and beyond.
  • When the sun is shining your solar panels will provide you with electrical energy. This energy will be stored in a battery for use whenever you need it.
  • This system will be installed free of charge and the electricity it provides will be free for the remainder of your tenancy.*
  • We have found that without battery storage only 33% of solar PV generated electricity goes to the tenant to actually use, with battery storage this changes to as much as 80% of your annual usage saving you more money.
  • The electricity provided by this system could save you up to £300 a year.
  • The system is great for the environment and we estimate that a typical house in this project will save around 845 kilograms of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere; this is about 60% of the current total carbon footprint of a typical UK house’s electricity usage.
  • Power may need to be off for up to an hour while the system is transferred and scaffolding may be required for 2-3 days at the property. A technical survey will also need to be undertaken before installation.
  • Installation work will start in May and is expected to take around four months to complete.
  • The unused electricity is exported to energy providers to redistribute, Together Housing will not profit from this export in the 3 year duration of this project.
  • At a later point in the project one of our energy partners may be suggested as an energy provider in order to lower your bills even further. This provider will do this by using your battery in a more cost effective way by taking advantage of local predicted weather data and periods where energy tariffs are cheap.
  • This is a pioneering project and a real chance to help make a difference to the environment, whilst at the same time helping Together Housing to show the housing and energy sectors how renewable energy can save everybody money with real world data. Let’s save money and the environment together!

*Please note that this system will not cover all your electricity needs so not all your electricity will be free and it is your responsibility to use energy sensibly and budget appropriately. The system is expected to cover around 60% of a typical user’s annual needs.

If you have any concerns, want to learn more about this project, or other ways to save yourself money on your energy bills through this project please contact our Renewable Energy Project Officer, Robin Jones, during working hours by email or phone:

Mobile:  07736923813

You can also follow this project via Together Housing Group on all major social media networks; this project will have the following hashtags: #ERDF, #THG and #solarbattery