Equality and Diversity Commitments

We are committed to everyone being treated fairly, as equals. 

To ensure we achieve this we will set ourselves challenging tasks every year and report back on how we have done.

By 31st March 2020 we will:

  • Produce a new Equality & Diversity Policy and publish the accompanying commitments;
  • Review our Diversity pledge;
  • Start producing documents in a variety of formats to suit customers;
  • Review how much we know about our residents so we can better tailor services to them;
  • Create more accessible information forour website to make sure all our residents can better access our services;
  • Raise awareness with staff of their opportunities to grow and develop and if they face any barriers to career progression;
  • Publish a Gender Pay Gap and set out any actions to deal with any issues that arise;
  • Raise the profile of our disability friendly approach to recruiting and retaining staff;
  • Survey our contractors to ensure they meet our diversity standards;
  • Ensure our images used on our websites and in publications are more diverse and reflective of our communities;
  • Support our local partners in delivering community cohesion;
  • Continue to fund events which celebrate diversity;
  • Publish a half yearly update on progress on the above by 31 October 2019.