Value For Money

The Together Housing Group are committed to achieving Value for Money (VFM) from everything we do.

The majority of our income comes from our customer’s rent and it is therefore important that we make the best use of resources to ensure we provide quality services that meet their needs. Achieving VFM will increase funds that can be re-invested in services that contribute towards our objectives and create value for our customers.

Value For Money Self Assessment

We produce a Value For Money Self Assessment which we provide to our regulator (HCA) setting out how we are achieving VFM in delivering our vision and objectives and how we plan to do so in the future. 

We want to be a leading housing provider creating quality homes and neighbourhoods where people want to live.

We will deliver this by:

  • Working with customers to achieve the highest level of satisfaction. 
  • Investing in neighbourhoods
  • Improving the quality of life for customers
  • Increasing the supply of affordable homes
  • Improving the quality of our homes
Value for Money Strategy

We have developed a Value For Money Strategy which explains how we will deliver VFM.

The aims of the strategy are to:

  • Make sure staff understand what VFM is and make sure they are looking to deliver VFM at all times.
  • Ensure good practice processes are adopted to improve our efficiency and make our business more transparent to stakeholders.
  • Improve our performance in comparison to other housing providers and reduce waste.
  • Challenge our budget holders to adopt an ‘invest to save’ culture and increase funds for investment in new services, in line with what our customers want.
  • Continue to improve services and customer satisfaction.
  • Maximise income collection and increase income from other sources e.g. grants

View Value For Money Self Assessment Supporting Documentation