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The Together Housing Group spends over £70 million each year on contracts with its preferred suppliers that cover a wide range of goods and services such as uniforms, repairs, facilities, construction materials, utilities, office supplies, waste management, professional services and transport.

In addition, there is a large capital investment programme covering building schemes, computers, communications and other equipment.

As a registered provider of social housing, we work in line with EU procurement directives to advertise and award tenders.

Where the estimated value of the contract is expected to exceed the financial thresholds of the European Procurement Directives the requirement will be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). OJEU is available electronically free of charge via the internet at Tenders Electronic Daily (TED). We additionally advertise tenders on the Government’s Contracts Finder website.

The Together Housing Group eTendering portal – xantive gives potential and existing suppliers an easy way to respond to our tenders. Our online system allows us to give suppliers the most up-to-date tender information while reducing email traffic and paper waste. All tenders are posted on the portals and applications from suppliers are managed through the online tool. 

Repairs & Maintenance contractors please register on The Together Housing Group Repairs Dynamic Procurement System (DPS). Short term contracts and ad hoc projects are advertised here.

Suppliers can register on the DPS at any time. When we post tenders for the goods or services you selected at the time of registration, you will receive automatic emails containing a link to the latest opportunity.


New Supplier Registration

If you have you been asked to complete our New Supplier Registration Form click here.