Leadership Team

Together Housing Group

Michelle Allott

Executive Director of Operations

Michelle has responsibility for the strategic direction of:

  • Neighbourhoods
  • Place Shaping
  • Income Management
  • Customer Services
  • Lettings
  • Supported Housing
  • Pendleton Together.


Photo showing Michelle Allott - Group Director of Finance

Place Shaping

Caroline Grosvenor

Caroline has responsibility for the delivery of our Customer and Neighbourhood Strategy, the aims of which are to create great places to live, providing excellent customer service and ensuring we listen to and act on what our customers tell us. Caroline is responsible for many of the services we deliver in our neighbourhoods including letting homes, managing tenancies, providing estate services, community safety and safeguarding and our supported housing offer. Caroline also oversees the operational delivery of services to our customers in Salford.

Customer Services

Janette Pearce

Janette is responsible for ensuring all our customers have a range of support to manage, sustain and thrive in their tenancies. She oversees the delivery of a comprehensive 24/7 customer contact service, in addition to leading the management of rental income, tenancy sustainability, welfare benefits help and financial support.