Leadership Team

Together Housing Group

Ian Clark

Executive Director of Business Improvement

Ian is responsible for:

  • People – recruitment, talent management, reward, staff engagement, EDI
  • ICT – infrastructure, applications, security
  • Management services –   business improvement, data analytics, governance, risk, audit, compliance
  • Policy and Research
  • Communications, marketing and digital
  • Customer Experience, consumer regulation
Head and shoulders image of Ian Clark


Nigel Jones

Nigel has responsibility for the delivery of Together Housing Group’s People and Performance Strategy. This places an emphasis on making Together a great place to work by providing opportunities for all staff to prosper and a chance to build a career. Nigel’s area of the organisation ensures that every employee can work safely and in a way that looks after their overall wellbeing – be that physical, mental or financial health.

Management Services

Dave Pearce

Dave is responsible for the provision of a range of management services to the group. This includes governance, legal and regulatory compliance, risk management and assurance, policy development, performance and business improvement along with the development of innovative approaches to the delivery of the Corporate Plan.


John Roe

John is responsible for the development and delivery of the organisation’s ICT Strategy, keeping Together Housing Group at the forefront in terms of digital and innovation. John’s area of the organisation ensures all core business systems are fit for purpose and future proof, maintaining information and cyber security to minimise the Group’s exposure to risk, while optimising the digital experience for customers and colleagues.

Customer Experience and Communication

Daniel Klemm

Daniel is responsible for customer experience and communications. Customer experience involves leading complaints, resolutions, customer insight and scrutiny. Communications comprises marketing, press and media, websites, social media, internal communications and stakeholder engagement. Daniel also acts as the Director of the West Yorkshire Housing Partnership, a collaboration of 11 housing associations and Leeds and Kirklees Councils.