Together Housing Group Limited is a charitable housing association registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014, and is the parent company of the Together Housing Group ('THG" or "the Group").

Together Housing Group manages over 36,456 properties, providing a comprehensive range of support services which affect over 40,000 people’s lives over a huge geographical area in the North of England.

Employing 1,145 staff, Together Housing Group’s corporate vision is to offer consistently brilliant services, put social impact at the heart of everything and be a great place to work.

THG consisted of six housing associations. At the 31st March 2016 following a review of the governance and legal requirements of the THG, it was recommended that the four charitable registered providers; Twin Valley Homes, Green Vale Homes, Housing Pendle and Pennine Housing 2000 would undertake a transfer of engagement into Chevin Housing Association and be renamed the Together Housing Association (THA) forming a much larger single registered provider. 

The Group consists of the following members:

Together Housing Association Limited

A registered housing provider, visit them here.

Harewood Housing Society Limited

Harewood Housing Society Ltd formed in 1970. With 12 staff they currently manage over 1,000 of Chevin’s leasehold stock and provide a management and financial service to around 1,650 private sector leaseholders.

Synergy Housing Solutions Limited

Synergy Housing Solutions Limited is a development company.

Together Housing Finance plc

Together Housing Finance plc is a finance vehicle for the group, used to issue the public named bonds of the Group.

SP Plus (Development) Limited

SP Plus (Development) Limited was created to deliver outright sales in the Pendleton area as part of the larger Private Finance Initiative.

Pendleton Together Operating Limited

Pendleton Together Operating Limited was created to deliver the refurbishment of 1,250 properties through a PFI scheme.

Pendleton Together Holding Limited

Pendleton Together Holding Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Together Housing which is a vehicle to facilitate funding which enables Pendleton Together Operating Limited to deliver the operational objectives.

Newground Together

Newground Together is a registered Charity that commissions environmental and community projects in support of the Group's Corporate and Social objectives.

Newground CIC

Newground CIC is a community interest company that provides consultancy services to the Group and external Companies.

Together Roof Energy Limited

Together Roof Energy Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Together Housing, which operates as a holding company, which owns 100% of the share capital of Together Roof Energy SPV Limited.

Together Roof Energy SPV Limited

Together Roof Energy SPV Limited is a company for the installation of solar panels together with the generation of electricity there from.