About us

Together Housing is one of the largest housing associations in the North of England. We own and manage over 36000 homes across the North of England. We are a not for profit organisation and any income we make is invested back into the organisation for the benefit of our residents and communities.As well as houses to rent, we also build and manage homes for sale, and provide retirement living and extra care schemes.

We provide a repairs and maintenance service to our residents and our aim is to make sure day-to-day works are carried out quickly and on time, that all our homes have a valid gas and electrical certification and meet the Government’s Decent Homes Standard.

We employ over 1100 full and part time staff. Working from our modern offices which are equipped to provide an efficient and effective workspace for the future, whilst allowing for the flexibility of ever-changing work-patterns and future growth.

Together is not just about providing homes. Together Energy is leading the way in delivering lower cost green energy services to residents, by investing in low-carbon energy-efficient programmes, such as solar PV and ground source heat pumps.

Our charity Newground Together funds voluntary groups and community projects to make lives better within our communities. 

A ground breaking company, building homes, communities and futures